Different Types of Promotional Bags to Choose From

Any business or company uses promotional products with their logo or message to promote their brand. Promotional bags are one of the promotional products that are becoming so hot. These are good for environment and they are useful for a variety of situations. And when people carry the promotional bag, they show off your brand wherever they go.

Here are some ideas to choose the best trade show bags to extend the visibility of your brand.

Insulated Bags

Insulated bags come with layers of insulation. The vacuum in between the layers help keep the food and beverages hot or cold. The outer layer of these bags doesn’t get heat up when hotter items are kept inside. Usually, these insulated bags are rigid and resistant than plastic bags.

So, if you are considering wholesale insulated shopping bags get your order from Custom Earth Promos, which is a green company that produces all kinds of recyclable, reusable ecofriendly bags. You can get your high-quality, durable, customized bags on time at cost-effective wholesale rate.

During summer these insulated bags will help you to keep your frozen items from going bad until you reach home. You can also serve hot meals during chill times. Many insulated shopping bags come with zipper and safe closing system that prevents food or beverages from spilling.

When people enjoy these many benefits, they will remember your brand name and sure they will share word of mouth which is obviously an effective marketing tool.

Custom Tote Bags

In any trade show, the attendees will be receiving so many promotional items like, pens, water bottles, USB drives and such items while carrying their other personal things also. When you offer them your customized tote bags with your brand imprinted, it will be of great use to them at the same time, you get advertising opportunity.

Tote bags can be either made of cotton canvas or polypropylene or polyester. All these materials offer durable and flexible totes. Most of the bags come as waterproof bags.

Wine Totes

Wine totes are not just for carrying wine bottles, and you can consider these totes even if you don’t fall in that category. These wine totes have so many other purposes. These can be used to carry any type of glassware and the separate compartments are useful in keeping things separately.

Drawstring Bags

This kind of bags weighs light and saves you a lot of space while transporting bags to the tradeshow. These bags have diverse uses like, carrying your books, toiletries, gym clothes, swimming clothes or even shoes. These small sized bags are convenient and you can walk freely by hanging it at the back.

Messenger Bags

These bags were initially used by couriers for easy accessing of mail, but gained much popularity due to its convenience. Unlike a rucksack, messenger bags don’t squash your things because of its shape.

There are a number of pockets that help you keep your things arranged and no more hunting for keys or mobile phones that makes you frustrated. These are great for casual use and can be conveniently carried around.

Whatever bag you choose for promoting your product, they will work effectively as people will be using it for a longer time.