A Complete Guide To Use Tidal Music Platform

Tidal is a digital audio streaming music service operated by the Jay-Z rapper. It has a hi-res catalog of more than 100 million tracks. Also has included videos for HD, radios for bands, music shows, downloading, and more Comes with a 30-day free trial.

Music Digi is your best choice to sell music online on various 150 most popular platforms like Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL, Amazon, and many more. You can reach fans all across the globe. As an artist, you can earn a 91% commission on every song play.

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Tidal is a music streaming service that aims to put artists and fans together. When you go all-in for Tidal HiFi subscription, it differentiates it from other providers by providing digital audio playback.

Tidal is positioning itself as a streaming platform, putting the Artist first. Artists make unique multimedia content and experiences accessible to members through the Tidal X app.

You can put your music on Tidal and Users post single records or entire playlists that display as images.

Tips and Tricks for using Tidal

  • HiFi/Master audio quality

Tidal claim to fame is a video service alternative for an audio file. HiFi users in FLAC can download Tindal’s 50 million song catalog. FLAC is a lossless, 1411kbps streaming medium that is equal to CD standard.

In 2017, Tidal announced collaboration with Meridian, whose studio-quality music streaming is provided by MQA technology. Their partnership culminated in Tidal Masters, offering a streaming experience of studio-quality.

  • Exclusive albums

Fundamentally the days of exclusive records are dead and gone. The perk lost its charm with several albums that were released on their unique site, provided that this benefit will be extended to all streaming platforms only a week or two later.

Exclusive TV shows/movies Tidal also publishes hither and their exclusive releases. Just Beyonce’s Lemonade is the forever unique album. Only on Tidal can the audio and the visual record heard and seen. So, if you need Queen Bey on call, the best thing to do is to side with Tidal.

  • Tidal X


Tidal X aims to offer music experiences to its subscribers. Tidal also gives its users access to an exclusive presale of concert tickets.

  • Edit option for track

You can use the Tidal edit option if you download a song to your computer. It helps you to adjust a given song’s pacing and tempo. You can make a new track that suits your favorite movement.

  • Tidal pay-out to the Artist

Tidal puts the musicians first and promises to pay the highest. Tidal pays four times upwards of Spotify, and Amazon Music, as per his estimates.

  • Tidal Rising

Tidal Rising is committed to creating a worldwide forum for up and coming musicians. Tidal also offers news pictures, PR, tour sponsorship, and other resources you never hope to get from a streaming platform. It’s the best place to see the emergence of fresh new artists via mobile or phone applications.

  • Download FLAC files from Tidal Store

If FLAC is the audio jam, you can buy the album from the Tidal download store in the premium version. This feature also underlines the intention of the company to deliver a high-quality music audio experience.


TIDAL is a global music and video streaming network operated by musicians, which supports connecting musicians and fans with exclusive music, live streams, and entertainment options. Play your go-to albums from pop and hip hop to rock and Latin, and discover new music with our exclusive Hi-Fi library.