Things You Should Know Before Buying Chandeliers for Your Home

Lighting plays a key role when designing your house. Besides, it is the kitchen equipment and furniture that stays on top of the list for many people while designing their house and they often forget about lighting. Do you agree with this? Remember that, lighting is very important, if you really want to create that perfect look at home. Experts say that lighting can enhance your mood as well.

Chandeliers would be your best choice, if you want to add some good lighting to the space inside your house. You can use them in your dining room, kitchen, living room, bedrooms and in fact anywhere in your house. You will have a lot of options while buying them because there are a lot of stores, which are offering them in various sizes and design these days. Moreover, they are budget friendly as well.

You need not go anywhere to buy a chandelier for your home now because there are so many stores online that offer different types of chandeliers at a very attractive price. Choose some unique chandeliers always for your home interior.

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Size Guide

Chandelier Diameter – Entire Room

Choosing the right size is very important while buying a chandelier. One thumb rule that everybody follows while buying a chandelier is

Length of your room (Ft) + Width of your room (Ft) = width/diameter of chandelier (Inches)

For example, if your living room or bedroom is 18ft long and 15Ft wide then you must choose a chandelier with 33inches diameter.

Diameter – Seating Area Centre

If you are planning to keep the chandelier at the centre of your room seating area then follow this.

Distance from one wall to centre (Ft) + Distance from the other wall to centre (Ft) = Diameter of Chandelier (Inches)

Vertical Dimensions of Chandelier

Multiply 2.5 or 3 with your room height (Ft) to find the chandelier’s vertical dimension. For example, for 12-foot ceiling, you must choose approximately 35 inches vertical dimension chandelier.

If you are planning to buy a chandelier for your dining room then it is always better to hang it at least 30 to 35 inches above your dining table. In fact, this can actually help you by creating a pleasant atmosphere in your dining area. Choose a chandelier that comes up to 2/3rd of the length of your dining table.

If you have very small and round dining table then choose small chandeliers always. Most of the people generally choose crystal chandeliers as they look perfect in any room. In short, you can use them in your dining area or living room or bedroom as per your wish.

Pick a lovely chandelier for your house interior from one of the best online stores today to turn it beautiful instantly!