Nine Benefits of Using the LED Strip Lights at Your Home

Have you ever considered about using Light Emitting Diode (LED) strip lighting for your home? This kind of strip lighting can always be a very easy way of enhancing your home. In other words, we can say that LED strip lights usually are very flexible circuit board having lights mounted along with it. You can get plenty of benefits by using them.

In the recent past, LED strip lights have become very popular in the lighting industry. This is because of their flexibility and also compact design. They are not common for domestic or commercial use only, but also in décor industry. What makes them outwit other lighting solutions is the fact that they can be installed in inaccessible spaces in creative designs to provide the required illumination. There are many benefits associated with the use of strip lights, but for this article we shall look nine benefits.

  1. Easy Installation

In most cases the strip lights come with adhesive at the back to allow installation. The only thing you are required to do is to peel and stick them. It does not require an electrician to install a strip light.

      2. Dimmable Lighting

Through a home lighting system such as dimming controller and remote controls, you can be able to dim your strip lights to you favorable mood. When in high spirit you can put bright illumination and when in low spirit you can dim the lights for the environment to look dull.

     3. Non toxic

Unlike other lighting solutions such as fluorescents, LEDs do not contain toxic chemicals. This makes disposal easy and safe as it does not pose any health hazard even when dropped accidentally.

     4. Durable

LED strips are made of durable materials that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Its lifespan is long, and can serve for 40,000 to 50,000 hours operating hours. If you were to compute this you’ll find that the said hours is like going for the whole year with the lights on 24/7.

    5. Low Temperatures

LED strip lights generate low heat as compared to other lighting solutions. This makes it safe as it can be left on for a long time and not start fire due overheating. They are also easy to handle even when lit because the heat generated cannot burn someone. You can work on it when it is still lit and not burn your fingers

    6. Water Proof

LED strip lights are available in waterproof tubes and ribbons. This gives them the flexibility of being mounted anywhere be it in the fish tanks, car exterior, or outdoor areas.

    7. Customizable

LED strip lights are easy to customize. You can cut them into pieces and make a creative lighting design. They are the most preferred in the décor industry because they can be customized to any king of design to bring out that aesthetic appeal. They are most common in Christmas celebrations, weddings, birthday parties and such other like events

    8. Variety of Colors

If you are a color enthusiast, then LED strip light has got you covered. It is available in all manner of shades. You can either choose to use a single color or the multiple colors. For multiple colors also called color changing LED strip are available in Blue-Green-Red and are usually system controlled.

    9. Cost Effective

Although there is some cost involved in purchase and installation, the long lifespan, durability and energy efficiency makes them cost effective in the long run.

Following are few more ideas of utilizing multi-purpose functional lights all around your home.

  1. Picture frames

You can add a row with LED lighting to decorate your picture frames.

  1. Kitchen

By using LED strip light your kitchen will never look dark or dingy.

  1. Stairs

Installing few strip lighting under each step will be an easy and cheap way of lighting your path during night.

  1. Mirrors

By using few strip of LED lighting it is possible to create subtly lit mirror.

  1. Shelving and Shelving Units

This will let you to showcase and also highlight all your family heirlooms

  1. Children’s Rooms

Your children’s room will become interesting with addition of LED strip lighting

  1. Lounge Suites and Coffee tables

Sometimes to create proper ambience in any room is little tricky and expensive. With LED lighting strips below your coffee table or couch can create a very relaxing environment that you will surely enjoy.