Did You Know CBD Can Treat Your Stomach Issues and Ease Your Pain?

Experiencing gas, acid reflux, nausea, stomach cramps and other stomach issues occasionally is absolutely normal. However, if these are like a chronic condition for you, it is best if you start taking thorough steps to treat it. Usually, most of the individuals suffer from stomach issues because of poor diet choices, and there are a variety of remedies and OTC medications available to treat it.

However, here we have discussed how CBD can help with your stomach pain. After all, since cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties, and it interacts with our brain, nerves and the entire immune system, it is logical to expect that it can help with stomach pain.

CBD for upset stomach

Most of the medical studies conclude that commonly reported stomach issues are a result of heartburn, nausea, bloating, and gas. Now, all these issues are basically a result of swelling and inflammation in the stomach lining and intestines. CBD can prove to be very helpful in reducing this inflammation, and as a result can treat stomach issues as well.

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If you aren’t sure about taking CBD for stomach inflammation, be rest assured it is tried and tested. For instance, in a study conducted on mice with intestinal inflammation, it was observed that their endocannabinoid system (ECS) didn’t regulate effectively because of the inflammation. When CBD was administered, it interacted with the ECS and relieved gut inflammation and associated pain.

How to take CBD for stomach pain?

As there are many different CBD products in the market, there are a variety of ways in which you can introduce it to your system. However, if you are especially taking it for stomach ache, there are a few products which are more effective compared to others.

CBD oil: Directly place drops of CBD oil under your tongue. This is one of the quickest methods of administering CBD as you will notice the effects in less than 30 minutes. Besides, it requires no specific equipment. You can even add drops of CBD oil to your food and beverages, but this way it might take longer to show effects.

Vaping CBD: If you have a vape pen, you can even inhale CBD oil. CBD will enter your bloodstream immediately and you will notice the difference within minutes.

CBD edibles: It is advised that you avoid CBD edibles like gummies, candies, beverages, baked products, etc. if you are taking CBD for stomach issues. It is convenient to consume CBD edibles, but they might cause stomach irritation.

As soon as you have been diagnosed with stomach issues, it is best to discuss all the treatment options with your doctor. It is best if you ask your doctor directly about taking CBD for stomach pain. Also, let your doctor know about any other prescription or OTC meds that you are taking, as CBD might interact with some medications.