Understanding of Surgical Steels & Hypoallergenic Metals to Avoid Misconception

This is a very important note for people who are piercing for the first time “Beware of what you choose to wear”. When you talk about piercing all that comes to your mind is the kind of jewellery that you want to wear. Jewelleries are made of various alloys such as silver, gold and stainless steel. However, what you need to examine is what suits your body type.

Some people are allergic to one kind of metal called nickel. When your body turns green or black after wearing a particular jewellery then it means that you are allergic to nickel. Keeping this in mind, Jewellery manufacturers have started making jewelleries which are nickel-free. The term they use to show on their ornaments are hypoallergenic or surgical stainless steel.

However, let me tell you the truth, hypoallergenic doesn’t mean it is nickel free. Hypoallergenic itself means “below normal” or “slightly” allergic. So, do not fall for this term. Same way even surgical stainless steel contains around 8-12% of nickel. So, for people who are looking for nickel-free jewelleries, this is surely not fair for you to trick you into buying jewelleries by using these terms.

Hence, a better way to find a jewellery with low amount of nickel is to avoid certain jewelleries like sterling silver, costume jewellery, gold plated, high karat or low karat gold plated. Another way is to focus on elements like niobium and titanium. helix earrings Australia is one stop shop for any kind of jewellery. They have a long list of nickel-free helix earrings such as surgical steel hinged segment ring, titanium zircoline barbell and many more.

Here is some list of safe metals that can be used:

  1. Surgical stainless steel: It is one better steel as compared to other steels, which can be used for new body piercing. Out of all the grades 316 L and 316LVM are used commonly. They do not show much reactions when come in contact with body fluids. However, if someone is too sensitive to nickel then this would not be the right one for them.
  2. Titanium: This is a very durable metal, causes less allergy as it had low amount of nickel in it. They are most expensive as compared to others.
  3. Niobium: It is an excellent choice, as it is highly resistant to corrosion or other reactions. The grades to be chosen are 99.9% niobium or 999 niobium. It is again more expensive than surgical steel but less than titanium.
  4. Tygon: This is the safest one, as it is a surgical plastic and not any metal. They are mostly used as a nose jewellery. The best thing about it is that it is invisible for those who do not want to show the jewellery in place but will keep the piercing open.

It is very important for people who are allergic to metals to be aware what kind of jewelleries they are choosing. Piercing can cause a wound that needs to be healed fast rather than making it worse.