Read This Article to Know Brief History of Headshop

During the late sixties, hippy culture was quite popular in the western countries, when people heard the terms such as headshop, though it was not as popular as today. The first forms of headshop were also quite different.

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What is headshop?

A headshop can be defined as an establishment where you can buy all kind of cannabis lifestyle accessories. It is actually a shop which can bring some changes inside your head, which was very much evident in the earlier headshops.

In the beginning, headshops only had few selections of pipes. They were typically certain hand-pipes, papers, or sometimes few bongs too.

Also, these shops sold many items that were associated with the cannabis culture e.g. psychedelic records, independent zines, and underground books. Soon this culture evolved and also the headshop. Today, we can see its new form of headshop.

Rise, fall and again rise of headshops

In the beginning when headshop really started sprouting up, you could mostly find such shops, where people were fan of hippy culture. Most common district where you could find few headshops were in few major U.S. cities.

In the California state, people experienced a boom of headshops, which is considered as the birthplace psychedelia. Further down, Los Angeles’s west side too was offering fair number of headshops, particularly the area which were quite close to the beach side.

On the eastern coast of the New York City, St. Mark’s Place was considered as headshop haven while mid-west also had its fair amount of share in the Old Town of the Chicago. Actual birth of headshop started with the legendary shop known as “Psychedelic Shop” located on the Haight Street that opened the door on 3rd January, 1966.

It was the New York City that saw its first headshop after few months when a candidly called head shop was started at E. 9th Street.

Although headshops was never completely gone, but stoner culture was actually co-opted by the corporations for various novelty T-shirts and all the average headshop was turned into a smoke shop, which was storing strictly traded drug paraphernalia like water pipes.

Now with the rise in status of marijuana, which has almost entered into legal grey zone, hence headshops are again returning back to popularity. Now many headshops have even gone beyond the brick-and-mortar shops in this internet age, as online headshop.

Modern commerce now has provided a new path for headshop to become online headshop and what was earlier a small business available only to local customers, now has gone nationwide.

Due to inclusion of number of social media sites, it has now allowed the headshop concept to be much more than just only company, but a platform for community participation.