Learn About the Safer Driving Course and Its Benefits

When first starting off with your driving lessons, you may find it both exciting and difficult at times. It is fine as you are still inexperienced on the road. However, there are also high chances of making mistakes due to this inexperience. The new drivers tend to repeat certain common mistakes which can lead to injuries or major accidents.

To avoid these mistakes experts recommend taking Safer Drivers Course. It is a curriculum-based training program for teaching safe driving. LTrent driving school is one of the best driving schools in New South Wales that provide this course on how to become safe drivers. With certified professional instructors and 50 years of experience in the field, this can be one of your best choices.

What Is Safer Driving Course?

This course focuses on how to drive safely by reducing risks, estimating and preparing for any potential danger on the road and avoiding the mistakes that learners often make. You learn in a controlled safe environment with certified instructors. They provide both theoretical and practical training based on two modules.

Transport NSW has subsidised the course costing total of $140 amounting to $7 for a logbook hour.  You must deposit the full fees for starting the first module of this course.

It takes a total of five hours to complete the course. Three hours are invested in the Module 1 for the theory on safe driving and the rest two hours are for practical lessons comprised in Module 2.

Module 1

In module 1 a group of 10-12 learners is formed for facilitating a group discussion on various topics of safe driving practices and strategies. They reflect on what problems they are facing and how they can improve through different activities in the classroom.

Module 2

The students would go on several drives on selected routes to learn and test their safe driving skills. The session is for two hours and supervised by the driver trainer. The student would get additional 20 logbook hours on completing the course.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Learner must be under 25 years of age.
  • They must hold a NSW Learners License
  • They have already completed 50 logbook hours.

Benefits of Safe Driving Course

You can at least expect the following benefits from the Safe driving course –

  • Learning rules that you can never forgo while on the road. Once the driving tests are over many drivers tend to let go some of the rules as they become flexible behind the wheels.
  • Learning safety techniques like keeping safe distance from the vehicle in front to avoid unnecessary collisions and wearing seatbelts for your own safety.
  • Reduction of risky behaviour while driving.
  • Anticipation of hazards on roads. It makes you better prepared with unexpected situations.

The real-life driving experience may not be what you expect when first start learning to drive. Though the learner’s own disposition is part responsible for the driving behaviour, the training and proper practice can make you a better and safe driver.