Things to Avoid While Driving

Safe driving is essential to keep yours as well as others’ safety intact. Partaking in dangerous activities whilst driving is something that is extremely discouraged by governments as well. These risky activities include driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, talking on the phone while driving, speeding, etc.

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Don’ts of driving

Like any other activity driving also has its dos and don’ts. Some of the things you should never do are:

  • Getting distracted by an insect

Distracted by an insect is equally impactful as a phone distraction. If you find an insect inside your car don’t start swatting it while driving. Wait to stop the car.

  • Applying brake while cornering

Applying brake while cornering puts a lot of stress beyond their limits on your tires. This causes your vehicle to lose grip and control.

  • Slow driving

Slow driving is as dangerous as speeding. If you drive too slowly on a higher speed limit road, your car can become a stationary object for other cars.

  • Generating wheel spin

While you might want to show off your driving skills by doing a wheel spin, it is risky. It causes the rubber on tires to evaporate that result in the loose grip of the tires making it difficult for you to control your vehicle.

  • Losing your temper

Road rage can be as dangerous as drink driving. It makes you lose control of yourself and causes risky behavior such as speeding, sudden acceleration, etc.

  • Driving without seatbelt

Do not let your co-passengers travel without fastening on their seatbelts. This will prevent them from the force while you bring the car to stop.

  • Opening glove compartment

Do not start scrambling through your glove compartment in search of something. It takes your eyes and attention off the road. Wait till you halt.

  • Defogging windscreen with heater

During cold weather, when your windscreen fogs up, do not turn on the heater as it further condenses the fog. Instead switch to an air conditioner to match the temperature.

  • Rubbernecking

You might be intrigued to observe the car accident that happened around you while you drive. However, you should not be doing that as the scene of car accidents contain many car debris and accident victims who can distract you.

Some of the distractions while driving

  • Mobile phones
  • Children and pets
  • Co-passengers
  • Navigation system
  • Eating or smoking
  • Daydreaming


It is important to stay focused while driving. Keep your eyes and attention on the road and immediate surroundings all the time. This will allow you to act as quickly as possible in an emergency. Try to increase your tolerance towards different distractions.